Getting Connected

Getting Connected

A Malinadu Gidda Experience

We have a golden hill. Not everyone has a golden hill, but we have. One day, Krishna willing, we will become famous as the HARE KRISHNA GOLDEN HILL. At present we are known as Sahyadri Sri Krishna Balarama Ksetra or SSKBK. Our small varnasrama community is located at the foothills of the well-known Sahyadri Mountain range in the small village called Bangaru (Gold) Gudde (Hill) in local Kannada language. The whole area of South Karnataka abounds with the indigenous breed of cows called Malinadu (forest) Gidda (plant) and is full of medicinal herbs many of which the cows live off. These cows are thus healthy and can easily survive from the abundance of the natural forest. This particular breed, the Malinadu Gidda, gives very rich milk. Udupi Krishna, it is reported, drinks milk only from these forest cows. They are short in stature but very sweet in nature. Our Sahyadri Surabhi Goshala here at SSKBK keeps 32 such cows at present.

Yesterday, December 20th, I needed to connect to the Internet.The site for our new temple is on a higher level, right on “our golden hill”, and so I decided to take my computer at the very place where we have recently started daily evening programs. As I was sitting in the late part of the afternoon taking in the surrounding panoramic view where we can admire the beautiful Sahyadri Mountains, I could see our own cows, Surabhi, Devaki, Shiva, Pritha, Tilaki, Radhike, and others returning from the local pasturing grounds. Daily, they go out in the early morning to nearby grazing areas, stay out most of the day and then make their way back in the late afternoon. I was contemplating how one day, from this very spot will rise an attractive temple dedicated to Their Lordships Sri Sri Gaura Nitai, Sri Sri Krishna Balarama and Sri Sri Radha Madhava and Lord Caitanya. They will then be able to witness this natural scenic beauty made available by the mercy of Lord Parasurama. Our Vedic sastras explain how Lord Parasurama reclaimed this entire coastline area for the benefit of the local brahmanas. The whole area is therefore referred to as “Parasurama Ksetra” and is also known as “Dakshin Vrindavan” by the Vaisnavas.

As I was meditating in this way, one very attractive cow happened to wonder in the direction of our temporary structure where I was sitting. In addition to our own cows, very often some outside cows will also enter our land. This young chocolate colored cow suddenly noticed me, stopped and starred at me for a few moments, not knowing what to expect. She was hesitating at first to proceed further. I gently motioned her to come closer and softly chanted the Hare Krishna maha-mantra to her not knowing how long she might stay. Normally unknown or outside cows will stay away from strangers. Somehow this cow gradually came closer to where I was sitting and within a short time was at reaching distance. I continued to speak softly to her and slowly started patting her gently on the neck. She reciprocated and came even closer. I could sense that she was feeling more and more relaxed. She then started licking my hand and arm showing her spontaneous affection. At one point she wanted to play and was putting her head against my body pushing and expecting me to reciprocate, which I did. After a few minutes of back and forth movements with her pushing with her head against my body and me lightly pushing back with my hands, she decided to sit down and rest beside me as I continued to massage her neck and body. She was completely relaxed by this time and was obviously totally happy with the exchange that was taking place. I was simply amazed that this was happening.

Just at this time one of our Co-Directors for the project at SSKBK, Bharat Chandra prabhu was walking up the hill as we had planned a short meeting there. He was surprised to see an outside cow so much at ease and displaying so much affection. He spontaneously and quietly took my camera and began taking photos of the on-going exchanges of affection taking place. Just a few minutes back, this cow and I were complete strangers but having received some signs of affection from me, she had responded very quickly by coming closer and lying down beside me. She again got up and started licking my neck, back side and arms. Bharat Chandra prabhu continued to take photos and was totally charmed by the events taking place. At one point I had to take my computer and hold it away from her fearing that being very close she might spontaneously sit down on the computer itself.

I could realize how cows are indeed very sweet and docile in nature. I was amazed to witness how quickly they can reciprocate to a little love and affection. It is said that both the cows and brahmanas belong to the same family, brahmanascaiva gavasca, kulamekam dvidha sthitam, as they are both in the mode of goodness. Within a few moments this “stranger” had become a very close friend. Seeing that there was another person present, this cow then walked over to Bharat Chandra prabhu who was all the time taking photos and she started licking him as well. Within a few minutes she then laid down beside him, thus continuing to display her peaceful and content nature. I had experienced this wonderful phenomenon before during one of our gurukula classes last year. In the middle of one session that was given under the guava trees, a few cows had come attracted and enchanted by the sound vibrations of the Sanskrit verses being recited by the gurukula boys. Within a few moments some of them spontaneously and unexpectedly “joined” the class by sitting down peacefully right there among the students. As naturally as they had come, at some point, maybe after hearing their favorite verse, they then rose and walked away. We had three such new young “students” in one sitting and it was just a delightful sight to see.

HHBRS with Cow

This experience with this cow gave me a glimpse into what Vrindavan must be like. Krishna and Balarama, along with all their cowherd friends the gopas, would spend the whole day with the cows. Just imagine what exchanges they all had with the cows. Krishna would play the sweet sound of His transcendental flute and completely enchant the cows. He would also speak with them, caress them and thus totally captivate them. What wonderful atmosphere one creates in such a natural setting surrounded by cows.

This gave me the realization that if we can start giving time to our cows, if we can start dealing with them in a very personal way, knowing them to be Krishna’s most beloved friends, I mean Krishna does worship the cows every single day, then these cows will reciprocate with us in ways we cannot imagine. This can only happen if we spend time in a village atmosphere where we can experience the natural gifts of nature provided so abundantly by Lord Krishna.

Although I had come to get connected with the Internet, by Krishna’s mercy, I could become connected with one of Lord Krishna’s cows in a way not experienced before. How many more such experiences await those who will put into practice the varnasrama way of life.

—-By His Holiness Bhakti Raghava Swami
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  1. Hare Krishna!! Guru Maharaj’s Experiences of connecting with the Cows of Dakshina Vrindavan so beatutufully narrated is nothing short of a Prakata ( Manifestation) leela of their lordship Sri Sri krishna Balaram’s to arrive at the request of his beloved devotee H.H.Bhati Raghava Swami.. May their Lordship who have destroyed Dhenukasura & Pralambasura destroy our attachment for sense gratification and surrender to the will of Sri Guru and Sri Hari!!! Sada Sarvatra Govinda nama sankirtanam!!!

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