Determination in Spiritual Life


  1. hare krishna

  2. Wonderful lecture ! Thank you for sharing such a video. Hare Krishna

  3. Please post more videos of HHBRS.
    I feel it’s a sin if we can videocapture his lecture and we don’t. HHBRS is so high and his vision is so much ahead of our time. What he says will be used for many centuries.
    I beg you to please record his lecture and post it.
    Thanks for your great work.
    humble fallen servant
    Paul Brown

  4. Cher Maharaj,

    Acceptez mes homages les plus respectueux.Je vous ecoute avec admiration.Vous etes d’une puretee inconsevable.Je ne peut imaginer mes fautes passes pour subir la punition infernale de ne pas pouvoir ,(sans vous deranger) etre constamment a vos cote.Je ressent une purification seulement a vous voir et vous entendre dans cette video.Tous vos fils et filles sont des plus fortunees de vous avoir comme Maitre Spirituelle.Meme si je suis des plus insense pour ne pas suivre, a la lettre vos directives comme il se doit je vous aime profondement et vous demande de pardonner l’insense que je suis.Je rehitere mes homages respectueux a vos Pieds de Lotus et dans mes pensees je vous etreint tendrement. Jayananda Das

  5. Dear Divine Holiness Bhakti Raghava Swami Guru Maharaja,
    please accept my humble obeisances.
    I am such a fallen soul, full of lust and greed.
    I am reaching towards your lotus feet for a spiritual blessing.
    I am very impatient to achieve the mercy of Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya and all his devotees.
    I really want to surrender.
    Please remove the fog of ignorance that is covering my soul and let me live again.
    I beg your lotus feet to resuscitate me from the dead.
    I am anxiously awaiting a chance to serve your lotus feet again. When I think about all the time wasted, i want to die.
    I am unfit to be a devotee but I hope and I really really want to believe that your causeless mercy can be bestowed upon me so that one day, I may be giving the exalted opportunity to serve the servant of your servant to the best of my abilities. Please do not misunderstand this prayer, it is nothing but the immature cry of a sinful man who deserve nothing.
    a suffering fallen soul, Paul.

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