In Memory of Lord Krishna’s dear servant, His Grace Gaurakrsna prabhu.

In Memory of Lord Krishna’s dear servant, His Grace Gaurakrsna prabhu.

In Memory of  His Grace Gaurakrsna prabhu.

Hand written letter from H.H Bhakti Ragahava Swami

Date: May 15, 2012

Dear devotees,

Om Surabhyai namah! Om Sri Gurave namah!

Please accept the blessings of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I am writing in regards to the sudden departure of Lord Krishna’s dear servant, His Grace Gaurakrsna prabhu. The news comes less than one month after the sudden departure of His Grace Bhagiratha prabhu who left us on April 19, 2012 in Bali. This should serve to remind us all of the precarious nature of this material world where at any time any of us may be called back by Lord Krishna. We must be ready.

I first came to know about Gaurakrsna prabhu before my return to India in 2006. He was initially described to me as a “computer wiz” whose father was from a Ramanuja background. He took to Krishna consciousness at an early age and on March 3, 2004 he received Harinam diksa while serving at the ISKCON Chowpatty temple. His family name at the time was Krishna Chaitanya. I retained the name “Krishna” to which I added the name “Gaura”.

From the beginning of his devotional career practically he served at the Chowpatty temple. One of his last services was that of pujaree for Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Gopinatha. Two years after receiving Harinam, he received brahmana diksa that I awarded to him in Bali on March 19, 2006. I remember him visiting our village community at Gita Nagari Baru (GNB) on the island of Sumatra where he helped in some filming. We made a small documentary on GNB at the time and he is featured in the documentary as well.

Let me share a few recollections. When I returned to India in 2006, the first temple I visited was ISKCON Chowpatty. Gaurakrsna prabhu was the devotee making all the arrangements for my comfortable stay at the temple. Before my coming to India, Gaurakrsna prabhu had previously helped in various ways to get me back to India and had been keen to have me first visit the Radha Gopinatha temple at Chowpatty. I felt this was Krishna’s special arrangement since I had previously been serving Radha Gopinatha Deities when I left India in 1992 at ISKCON Secunderabad.

Gaurakrsna prabhu rendered various personal services to me for which I am ever grateful. In particular, he sent me pure oils that I still use in my daily puja to Krishna and Balarama and Sudarshan Salagram Sila. His last exchange with me goes back sometime last year when he had noticed my name in a pamphlet promoting ksatriya department of the Daiva Varnasrama Ministry. Being concerned about my wellbeing, he had pointed out that such kind of pamphlet while good in itself should avoid having my name as this could possibly trigger some controversy and might create some complications for me. In this and many other ways he was always a caring devotee. He served the Vaisnavas in a humble way. His demeanor when speaking with me showed his humility. His head was generally slightly tilted downwards and so were his eyes. He spoke softly and with meekness. I feel blessed to have had such a simple and dedicated disciple who was able to serve so nicely and receive the good association of the devotees at the Chowpatty temple.

I take this opportunity to request all of you to kindly pray for his continued protection under the loving care of Sri Sri Radha-Gopinathji. To the devotees at the Chowpatty temple and in particular to His Holiness Radhanatha Maharaja, I am thankful and grateful for all the good association and support you have given and shown to His Grace Gaurakrsna prabhu. I pray for his family members and offer my condolences to all of them. He served Srila Prabhupada’s movement in an exemplary manner.

All glories to you Gaurakrsna prabhu and to your devotional service. May Lord Krishna always continue to give you His full protection and opportunities to serve the Vaisnavas.

Yours in service to Srila Prabhupada and the Vaisnavas,

R.P. Bhakti Raghava Swami



One Comment

  1. Please accept my humble obeisances unto your lotus feet.
    All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
    H.G. Krishna Chaitanya, who had been given to me as my son by the Supreme God has acheived his ultimate aim – Going Back To Godhead. In fulfilling his goal, i am very happy that he had got all blessings and guidance from his Acharya, Sri BhaktiRaghava Maharaj, Sri Radhenath Maharaj and his association with all other countless number of Brahmachary devotees as well as the congregation devotees at Sri Sri RadhaGopinath Mandir, Chowpatty, specially H.G.Sri Murali Mohan Prabhu and H.G.Sri Gagan Prabhu, both of whom also acheived their similar ultimate goal.
    He has had a very wonderful association and experience with a countless number of devotees during his stay at the Temple,the breadth and length of which cannot be expressed sufficiently by me. I would like to express my gratitude to all of them for the same.
    I would like to also express my thankfulness to the congregation for providing us with so much of help and support during the difficult past few days. A special mention is deserved for all the chanting of the Mahamantra that had taken place at the time of the funeral, which has greatly eased the pain of going through my son\’s final rites.
    I pray to Sri Sri RadhaGopinath tto continuously shower his blessings to all his devotees.
    Your Humble Servant,
    At the Lotus Feet of Sri Sri Radha Gopinath,
    Vijay Kumar Ramanujadasa.

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